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As written to our friends on our e-mail list. 
Homolobby or Homomafia?  

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
After about a week of fairly normal activities and driving through beautiful Sweden, it happened again.  This time through an encounter of a different kind.  Different in that we never faced the perpetrator.  We were sitting in our car preparing to leave a gas station in Helsingborg.  All of a sudden the rear window of our van was shattered with a big bang.  After briefly looking at each other, I turned around and saw through the shattered window the back of a man running away as fast as he could.  Other people at the gas station also saw him.  It all went so fast that he got away.  Not that anyone should dare to risk a life or serious injury to catch a madman for a broken car window.  It isn't worth it.


But the incident brought me to the decision to end this trip.  This time it was a 6-inch diameter rock hurled through the rear hatch-back window with considerable force.  It bounced off the headrest of one of the back-row seats and therefore never reached us in the front.  This time it was just a rock but (who knows) next time it might be a bullet.  Then, neither the car window, nor our bullet-proof vests (picked up from "Militärlagret" in Landskrona prior to our trip and worn without exception after the mob attack in Umeå; see date August 29 below) might stop a bullet.  And, since I'm the physical protector of my wife, I've decided that this is enough even though she was willing to continue.  We will miss the last six cities in Skåne.  After the incidence in Linköping (see September 5) we have at places noticed police cars in the background in an obvious attempt to avoid incidents of this kind.  In Skövde we got it confirmed second hand that they were there for that very purpose.  And we are of course grateful for that.  But there is only so much they can do. 

However, the question that lingers is whether we are dealing with an aggressive homolobby or something like a homomafia in Sweden?  The chairperson for RFSL, Sören Andersson, said about me in a statement in Dagen (a daily paper) that "it's terrible that a person carries so much hate within himself".  But he also stated that RFSL distances itself from the attacks against us (which is commendable) although he could "understand the actions"; a statement that obviously weakens his rejection of violence (not so commendable).  I agree that RFSL cannot be held responsible for illegal actions by the few, just like all people who dislike RFSL cannot be held responsible for illegal actions against homosexual people.  But it's important that people in leadership on all sides take a firm stand against incitement, violence and intimidation.  Of course no organization can influence the actions of all their members at all times.  But some events can be influenced.  For example it' s reasonable to assume that RFSL has some influence over the Pride Festival in Stockholm.  How can it then be that they allowed an event extravaganza at the pride festival where visitors threw darts at photos of the "homophobes" Ulf Ekman, Alf Svensson and the Pope?  If that's not incitement then what in the world is?  The Pope has of course constant physical protection but how must the other gentlemen have felt?

Something that Mr. Andersson and RFSL must understand is that in a free and open society there is no way they can prevent parents from receiving information about: 1) how they can prevent future homosexuality in their children should they so desire, 2) that homosexuality is not genetic in nature and (yes) 3) a description of the homosexual lifestyle based on RFSL's own information as well as reputable statistics.  In that way parents can make informed decisions about what's the preferred future sexual orientation for their little ones. 

We can also mention that we tried to buy advertisements for our website in a total of 42 local newspapers, 28 of which accepted the add and 14 did not.  An even 2:1 split.  We were somewhat surprised by the high acceptance rate.  It might have been because we never advertised in the three big-city areas since we thought that people out in the country are not as much in lockstep with "political correctness" as media people in the big cities.  The acceptance rate was higher in the beginning and lower in the end.  That might be because the homolobby exerted pressure on the papers (that increased with time) to not accept the adds.  Predictably, some papers received criticism after publishing the add.  We heard about one paper (Nya Wermlandstidningen) who stood up and defended their position to allow different voices to be heard (read: freedom of expression).  Other papers caved in under pressure.  Two different papers cancelled the add after running it two times and receiving complaints.

In summary we want to thank all the wonderful people we met on our trip through Sweden.  Both those who supported us as well as those who had questions about what we said and did.  People we met in person, online (e-mail), or on the phone.  We have nothing but goodwill in our hearts.  Even to our detractors.  

Tuesday, September 5, 2006  -  even more attacks
Today we were in Linköping around noon time.  This is a city where attack aircrafts are manufactured for the Swedish Air Force.  Sweden (with only some 9 mill. people) is among the select few countries making aircraft for military purposes. Here we encountered  more of the same.  We had barely parked our car to have something to eat at the fast food place, when a group of people appeared to harass us.  This time they followed us into the restaurant screaming (I mean roaring as loud as they could) and heaping all kinds of profanities over me and my wife.  At the same time some of the others attacked and vandalized our car parked right outside for everyone to see.  The patrons wondered of course what was going on.  Then they left the restaurant, and I went after to take pictures of them attacking our car.  Then they came back with the clear intent to harm us.  One of the customers in the drive-through lane who observed the whole thing called the police.  When the police arrived the hostile crowd had left.  After the police determined - with the help of witnesses - that an unlawful threat (Sw. "olaga hot") had occurred, they had no choice but to write a report they told us.  And we had no choice but to cooperate.  And we all ought to cooperate with the authorities to keep law and order.  And we are of course grateful to the man who called the police when he saw what was happening.  But we really don't want to press charges against the people who threatened us and vandalized our car.  These are people for whom we have true compassion and wished we could somehow help.


Towards the end of our tour of Sweden we received the following e-mail from Linköping:

----- Original Message -----

From: "kompis" <antifa@linkoping>
To: <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt>
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 2:55 AM
Subject: Email to Amoso - vi ska döda er 

kompis skriver:
så länge ni sprider eran propaganda så ska vi se till att ni inte visar er här och om ni gör det så kan döden vara det ni bör räkna med ERA ÄCKLIGA JÄVLA KRISTNA FUNDAMENTALIST SVIN...HOPPAS ATT VI SES ///AFA linköping 

Translated it reads:
"Comrade writes:
as long as you spread your propaganda we shall see to it that you don't show up here and if you do so, death is something you should count upon with YOUR DISGUSTING DAMNED CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST PIGS..... HOPE WE SHALL SOON MEET  /// AFA linköping 

The purpose of this trip is to reach out to parents and inform them about how much they can do for their little children (especially boys) to help them develop their masculine gender and avoid a life in homosexuality.  It seems to us that so few people look out for the interest of the little children among us.  The homosexuals and their very strong lobbying arm  have all kinds of power at their disposal (media, politics, financial, even intimidation).  Indeed very strong voices.  But the little ones among us - both now and in future generations - have very few adults who stand with them to help them avoid gender confusion.  At no time was this more apparent than when the Swedish Parliament ("Riksdag"), on June 5, 2002, voted overwhelmingly to allow homosexuals to adopt children (see website Myth 2 item 4; THE PARADE OF SHAME). 
Anyhow, after talking to the police we were able to distribute literature to three interested parents who had waited patiently.  What bothers us is that we will never know how many parents are scared away or don't want to come when they see the very hostile attackers.  Finally, before we took off, the kind police told us how we could "bandage up" our vandalized car with tape to make it legal on the road.   
The weekend before we came to Linköping the city had experienced some fights between Neo-Nazis and gay people during a love parade arranged by the homosexuals.  Participants from both camps had been arrested but later released.  Immigrants from other countries had been invited by the gay lobby to participate in the parade but RFSL lamented in the media that the invitees had not shown up.  This is similar to the trend in the US where the gay lobby wants to identify themselves as partners with the black civil rights movement but are not welcomed.   

Sunday, September 3, 2006  -  more attacks by the homolobby
Today we visited the Royal Palace in Stockholm around noontime.  There was a change of guard at the palace with all of its associated ceremonies. My wife noticed almost immediately that we were followed by a young man.  By apparently calling others on the phone, he managed to get together quite a few hostile people who soon followed (pursued) us where ever we went on the Palace grounds.  Souvenir store, mixing with the crowd of people etc. we were unable to shake them off.  They were always just a few steps behind us.  One of them wore a white T-shirt with big red letters on the front "Dare to Engage in Homosexual Acts" (Sw. Våga Böga).  Unable to shake them off, I got that creepy feeling that we were in for trouble.  As long as we were in the crowd it was probably OK but our car was parked next to the Palace in a somewhat isolated area.  So, I was concerned that someone might be breaking into our car or vandalizing it.  Pointing at the hostile people surrounding us I asked a security guard to have someone follow us to our car so we could get away unharmed.  He referred us to another place at the Palace ground but there were no security guard there.  When we got back to the first guard with the same hostile gay people still following us, he said: "I see now what you mean but there is nothing I can do about it".  So, when all the tourists who had watched the "Change of Guard" finally started moving back to the parking area we took the opportunity and hurried into our car.  This time the hostile crowd did not manage to rip any of our printed material from our car (my wife has now chained the boxes to the car chassis).  However, they ripped one of our signs off.


On the way back to our hotel I told my wife that I didn't want her to have to go through any more of these kinds of incidents and suggested we no longer stop at announced places where we are so vulnerable to attacks by the homolobby.  But she answered that changing plans at this point in time would be like yielding to the threat by the homolobby and it would be tantamount to handing them a victory of sort.  That has happened to so many other people who are afraid of their attacks.  Not always physical attacks or intimidations as with us, but often by name calling (neo-fascist, homophobe etc.) or trying to destroy someone's business or career.  So my wife wanted us to stick to our plan.  She is quite a trooper. We sometimes feel like we are the only ones in Sweden standing up for the interests of the children of today and tomorrow trying to prevent them from falling prey to the homosexual lifestyle.  These poor children don't have any other voice.  The homolobby, on the other hand, has an extremely strong voice in the media and in politics.  We realize that the efforts by people like us on behalf of the children are seen by them as an attempt to adversely affect their recruiting grounds for continued growth.  Each year some 2,000 boys in Sweden - in a state of gender confusion not caused by them - embrace this lifestyle.  

Thursday, August 31, 2006  -  disappointment (kind of)
Tonight we visited Eskilstuna in the central part of Sweden.  As we were having our evening meal a young man came up to us and asked for our printed material.  We asked him to follow us to the public parking next door, which he did.  As I got out of our car to greet him he didn't want to shake my hand.  Instead he heaped on me all kinds of expletives making very clear to me that he was anything but interested in our material.  Simultaneously some other young people appeared from seemingly nowhere and started moving in on us.  Not wanting a repeat of the incidence in Umeå, we kindly said good-bye and took off. But when we got to our hotel in Strängnäs that night we had an e-mail from a man who had come from Hallstahammar to Eskilstuna for our literature and we had unfortunately left before he had a chance to meet us.  This is what we deeply regret and have now decided to tough it out a little better to be able to reach the people we want to reach (i.e. the parents).  The person who e-mailed us that night asked how long our website would be up and active since translation to another language had started.  I replied back: forever !  He said the hostile people in Eskilstuna appeared to be from SSU and had tried to distribute their flyer to him. He said: "they probably wouldn't have any kind words for you" and that he understood our reaction.   

Tuesday, August 29, 2006  -  attacks by the homolobby Even though our message is to Swedish parents (our target audience) it appears that the homolobby (represented mainly by RFSL) have mobilized their forces to harass our activities.  We’ve the suspicion it’s because of our exposure of the lewd material on their website and their recommendation to people in Sweden on how to use illegal drugs. 

Yesterday (August 28) we visited the city of Umeå in northern Sweden.  I had picked up my wife earlier in the day at Umeå airport.  She returned to join me after a week of absence in California to baby-sit our grandkids.  As we drove to our hotel from the airport I told her that I expected some nice and restful days of driving for the next few days.  Little did I know what lay ahead that night.As we drove into our announced rest stop at McDonalds at the outskirts of Umeå we noticed an unusual large crowd of people gathered.  Based on similar experience in the past we realized that they were not all parents but that some were there to interrupt our sharing of printed material to interested parents.  But little did we anticipate the evil and hateful behavior of these hostile people.After our evening meal we made ourselves available and asked who in the crowd (of about some 30 people) were parents.  There were 4 parents or couple of parents in the crowd who had come for our material and we gladly gave it to them.  Then when we were ready to leave the rest of the crowd (gay and gay activists) crowded in on me so I couldn’t get into the car.  I really had to struggle to get in.  Their apparent plan for this was that while some of them tried to prevent us from getting in others opened the back hatch, pulled out all the boxes with our printed material and DVDs, threw it on the ground and stamped on it in fury.  All we could do was to helplessly watch what was going on.  They were between 20-30 against me and my wife.  After creating this mess they walked away.  I had shown them my cell phone and even if I never called the police they might have thought that I did.  After picking up the mess and saving what could be saved – with the kind help of the equally surprised parents who had come for the material – we left the area where we had parked.  But the demonstrators blocked our exit by forming a human chain.  As we drove up towards them they attacked the car with rocks and caused several scratches on the car paint.

There was a radio reporter present while all of this was going on.  From the moment she first approached us we could tell that in all likelihood she was on their side.  So, sticking to our plan (to not grant interviews to the largely hostile and biased Swedish media), we did not grant an interview much to her apparent disappointment.  However, after the destruction she asked my wife for her opinion on what had happened.  To which my wife answered briefly: “Worse things could happen”.


You can read more about attacks by the homolobby in Sweden on people with whom they disagree under Myth 2 item 7.  The real tragedy in all of this is not what happened to us and our car.  The tragedy is of course the Sodom-resembling behavior that is now all too prevalent in Sweden.

We had put a series of adds in the city’s local paper (Västerbottens-kuriren) for four days (We. thru Sat.) the week prior to our arrival.  On Thursday I got a call from the paper, announcing that they would pull the add for the last two days.  I asked if they had come under pressure to do so.  The answer was in the affirmative.  Yesterday evening outside McDonald I realized why they did not want to (or dare) to continue to run the add.  It's easy to realize that it’s no sweat for the homosexual lobby to do great harm to a small local newspaper.  In the process the freedom of expression in Sweden suffered another blow. 

Someone suggested that we should have reported the incidence to the police.  But it’s hard to report on someone with whom you have compassion.  The people in the homolobby are not our enemies.  Not by a long shot.  We  care for them like all human beings.  At the same time it’s equally important that we inform parents about all the things they can do to impact the future sexual orientation of their children and grandchildren.  

Saturday, August 26, 2006 – decline of interviews
Dear Friends,
It's late Saturday evening (Swedish time).
I spoke with my wife by phone and she suggested that I send a greeting to you from Sweden. And I think that would be in order since this is the high point – geographically speaking - of our trip through Sweden. I am now in Haparanda (Haaparanta in Finnish).  It's about as far north as you can come. 

In this northern part of Sweden most of the population live and most of the economic activity takes place along the eastern coastline bordering the Baltic Sea.  Haparanda is in that sense the northernmost city and borders to Finland, although the border continues inland a bit north from here.  This far to the north the sun never sets in late June and early July but this time of the year it gets dark at night but not very dark.  Then, in a few more months it get very dark here and the days very short indeed. 

When I was a little boy we had a celebrity called "Stålfarfar" (tr. “Granddaddy made of steel”) who became famous by biking from Haparanda in the far north to Ystad in the far south.  I, on the other hand will bike in Haparanda (which I did today) and in 3 more weeks I will bike in Ystad.  But such biking will not qualify for the same stamina and endurance.  I bring a bike in our big oversized van (called "minibus" here) where we have removed the middle seat.  My biking today should make my physical therapist happy since I stretched myself and endured quite a bit of pain in my knee.  I also drove my car up to the Finnish border but never noticed the last exit before the border.  I had no choice but to continue. When I got to the customs house I looked for officials to tell them I had by accident gone too far and needed to go back.  But there was nobody to be found that late on a Saturday evening.  With no commercial traffic it seemed like everyone had gone home.  I had no choice to go back and had to continue into Finland.  It occurred to me that I might be in trouble having left my passports in the motel.  But upon immediate return there was nobody in the other direction either.  What a difference compared to some other countries we have visited.  Like the borders between Israel-Egypt, Israel-Jordan and Greece-Turkey some 10 years ago.  

Now to the reason for our trip.  It's going well. Last night I spent in Piteå.  When driving through the town I passed a building with a big sign that read "RFSL Nord"; i.e. the "Northern" Center of RFSL which is the homolobby in Sweden who receives generous financing from the government.  As I checked into the "City Hotel" (Stadshotellet) in Piteå last night I found a lot of men in their 20-ies and 30-ies but hardly any women their age.  I also saw 3 boys who I estimated were merely around 15 years old. They seemed to be without parents. After leaving the hotel this morning I drove to the gas station in Piteå where we had announced on our website that I would hand out our DVD and other free information and be available for questions from parents. Parents (and grandparents) are our target audience; not homosexual men and women.  This is how we typically to it:  We go to an announced gas station or eating place to fill our gas tank with gas or our bellies with food at a given time.  We don't pass out material at that place though since it once caused irritation by the land owner.  Since irritating our fellow men is the last thing we want to do we instead leave that station or food place (our car is clearly marked with big letter www.AMOSO.org on all sides) and go to a public place very close by, where we meet anyone who might have followed us and hand out the material.  

What happened to us today in Piteå was quite predictable considering the RFSL center there. There was a crowd of upset people waiting for me.  But they were kept at a distance by the owner and I was allowed to gas up.  Then I drove to the public place just around the corner.  First a brave woman came up to me and she was glad to receive the material she had read about on the website.  She wanted extra copies for her friends which she of course got.  Then came a journalist with his photographer.  He wanted an interview.  In Skellefteå the night before I had granted my first interview.  A young guy and a young gal who looked very nice and (at first) courteous.  So I thought I would agree even though I had told myself (and my wife) that I would not engage in any interviews on our trip.  Afterwards I regretted that I didn't stick to the plan.  The gal immediately told me that she was a lesbian and how could I explain that she - as the youngest daughter in the family - had become lesbian?  Then she asked me if she were to adopt children, would they also become lesbians?  She was so argumentative and none of them seemed to know very much about the contents of my website or willing to listen.  This was precisely what I did not want.  This is not what our website and our trip are about.  Our target audience are parents; not people who are homosexuals.  And I just knew the slant and bias in the story they would write. 

So, today at the 1 PM meeting, I respectfully declined the interview.  I told him that in America we have a saying: "Fool you once - shame on them.  Fool you twice - shame on you".  So I was not available.  Much to his disappointment, I could tell.  This did not prevent the paparazzi (spelling?) photographer to click at least 40 times during our brief encounter.  So, from now on I'm back to our original game plan.  I have got about a half dozen requests for interviews from press and local radio stations through the "contact" page on our website.. I'll respond and respectfully decline when i get the time. A main reason (I believe) why the gay community is so upset with us has to do with the way we deal with Myth no.1 (that both lifestyles are equally desirable).  To highlight the big differences between the lifestyles - and thus motivate parents to avoid a homosexual outcome at the advent of puberty - we use some of the material from RFSL's own website which has a wealth of very lewd contents. To get an idea of what I'm talking about – even if you don’t understand Swedish - go to www.amoso.org and scroll down (about 7 pages; under Myth 1 sub-item 2) to the links named ref.4  If you click on that reference you are taken to a page where RFSL (a government funded organization mind you) recommend to the visitors how to use illegal drugs.  Then a few lines further down you click on ref.5 depicting some of the very lewd information that their website is full of. This of course puts RFSL in a quandary.  On one hand they want to attack us for exposing this very uncomfortable content.  But on the other hand they don't want to create publicity around this. 

The day before yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a member of the editorial board of the major newspaper (Västerbottens-Kuriren) in Umeå which is the biggest city in the north part of Sweden. That morning I had received a call from one of their reporters telling me that after running our ad for 2 of the scheduled 4 days, the editor-in-chief had decided to pull it.  I asked if they had received pressure from outside groups and he admitted to that.  But later that day this gentleman called me on my cell phone in the car and we talked for about half an hour.  Then he called a second time and wanted to know even more about the subject.  Not so much about me as about the subject matter.  I liked that.  He appeared to be second in command and had not been able to reach the boss and ask why my add had been pulled.  He sounded somewhat surprised that it had been pulled.  He said that he wanted to meet with me and I volunteered to come to their paper to talk about the subject with their editorial board should they so desire. But no journalist interview..  We'll see what comes out of that..  He was also interest in what motivates me.  I told him about me and my wife's concern for future generations in Sweden. Between 1,000 and 2,000 new young boys in Sweden embrace the homosexual lifestyle each and every year with a lot of associated suffering.  To the extent we can make a dent in this horrific tragedy our lives will not have been in vain.  We feel like a small spoke on a very big wheel.  Being part of something that’s bigger than yourself and something of benefit to your fellow man is indeed very inspiring.  

In whatever area of life we are dealing with the Truth can never be suppressed forever.  Finally the Truth must come out.  Sometimes it happens very fast and suddenly as in the fable "The Emperor's New Clothes" by the Danish storyteller H.C. Andersson.  When the little girl cries out "The Emperor has no clothes" suddenly everyone sees how undressed the emperor is.  But the big lie about the root of homosexuality being hereditary will probably take a large part of a generation to finally be crushed under the weight of scientific evidence.  The attitude and opinion of a whole nation change very slowly.  

The big picture is this: In the 1960-ies (and before) people didn't talk much about homosexuality (Oh how things have changed!!).  But back then psychiatrists and psychologists knew quite well that the typical root was a lack of proper connection to their father.  Bieber (whom I mention under Myth 2) was not the first one who knew this.  But then, starting with the sexual revolution of the 70-ies and the gay people taking control of the two APAs in American, there came this tremendous thrust to find the homo gene.  By proving it to be hereditary the gay people would receive universal acceptance.  Guess what?  The homo gene has never been found..  Not only that.  It’s so ironic that the research over the last 40 years have shown that we will never be able to find a homo gene.  The result of the research is that it cannot be hereditary.  The key to understanding this fact are the studies on identical twins.  That is the very key !!  The honest studies by Bailey-Dunne-Martin and by Bearman-Bruckner show PC values of only 11% and 7% respectively.  Say we take 9% as an average.  What that means is that for each identical twin (called "monozygotic" twin) there is only a 9% probability (based on measured statistics) that the twin is also homosexual.  If there ever was a homo-gene the number would be !00% theoretically and a little bit less in reality since there is of course a margin of error in such measurements.  The 9% is of course higher than the 2-4% of all males that become gays.  But considering a very similar upbringing by the same father it's to be expected to be higher than the 2-4%.  Notice that the 9% of course does not mean that a given male with a monozygotic twin has a 9% probability of becoming homosexual. That number is of course still the 2-4% as in the general population.  

By now you are probably as tired as I am. 

Good night.