Take Action

What you can do about it

This website contains nothing new. All the information presented here is available from other resources as well. However, it may be the first website – and so far the only one of its kind – that combine scientific findings with information on how the liberal mainstream media in the West spread politically motivated misinformation on this important issue.

After reading the information (and checking the many references and underlying source documents) you may ask yourself what you can do about this important issue. Consider that the children at risk (both present and still to be born) don’t have much of in terms of people coming to their defense! They don’t give political contributions and don’t have politicians championing their interest. And there is no incentive for mainstream media and the entertainment industry to shield them from the popularization of the homosexual lifestyle. But you must not be indifferent on such an important issue. Do what you can.

The author of this website does not ask for and does not accept contributions. But here are a few suggestions of what you can do on your own:

  1. On a personal level you should do what you can to help growing boys and girls to avoid gender confusion. Especially if you are a man you should reach out to boys you know who are without a father as a role model.
  1. You should do what you can to counteract the misinformation about this issue that is a mainstay of the liberal mainstream media in the West. Remember that the truth cannot be denies forever. In fact, the truth is already marching on and you ought to be part of it. A starting point may be to inform friends, e-mail pals, your community etc. about this website in whole (i.e. all three myths) or in part. It’s a question of changing public attitudes on this issue on the grass-roots level.
  1. Various companies in different countries sometimes financially sponsor gay activities and their agenda. You should contact such companies and express your opinion. Some are multi-national corporations in nature. For example, the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) is a perennial sponsor of the perverse and obscene annual gay-day parade extravaganza in Stockholm, Sweden.

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