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Ref. 31:
In 2006 our government had initially agreed to participate in joint Air Force exercises with several other European countries.  Similar exercises had been conducted in the past.  Israel was and had been one of the participants.  Suddenly in April 2006 the Swedish government withdrew their participation since Israel would be one of the participants.  This is but one of many evidences of a growing anti-Semitism in our country.  The old ugly head of anti-Semitism is surfacing again.  Today it often emanates from our mosques.  We see how our politicians are jockeying for position among the Muslims in anticipation of the day when Sweden will become an Islamic nation.  Translated into your language the reference reads (in part): 

Sweden: News

Israel critical of Sweden’s withdrawal.

Today Sweden received strong criticism from Israel for its withdrawal from the flying exercises in Italy under NATO auspices….
The embassy also connects the Swedish withdrawal with the visit in Sweden by Hamas (the Islamic terror organization) and calls the Swedish actions ‘disturbing’

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