pre-ref 32 

Ref. 32:
This reference (in Swedish) is about the invitation of the Islamic Hamas terror organization to our country.  Translated into your language it reads (in part): 

Hamas is coming to Malmö in May
Last updated on 20 April 2006 11:55

A high representative for the Hamas terror group will visit Malmö in May, according to the organizations that invited them…
Salah Muhammad al-Bardawil, Hamas group leader in the Palestinian government will visit Malmö on May 16.  He is invited by three local organizations: The Palestinian Association, The Arabian House and the Iraq Committee. 

According to Jon Bonnevier, spokesman for the organizing committee, the aim is to highlight a number of views about the election of Hamas by the Palestinians.
"We strongly condemn EU’s and the World Council’s economic and political isolation of the leaders of the Palestinian people.  We are in support of their rights to rise up against the occupation by Israel and urge the Swedish government to re-establish diplomatic relations with the Palestinian authority", Bonnevier tells TT.

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