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Ref. 41:
This is a reference to the recent actions taken by the Swedish Missions Association (Sw.: Svenska Missions Förbundet or SMF).  In March 2002 they accepted homosexual pastors into their ranks (as long as their local congregations would accept it on a case by case basis).  And in July 2002 they met with the Swedish government to assure them that homosexual pastors were indeed acceptable to them.  By meeting that condition the government promised to continue their financial support of SMF “without any restrictions”.  At the end of this reference is a listing (in Swedish) of the 21 denominations that receive financial support from the government.Translated into your language the article reads (in part): 

SMF and the government in agreement about homosexual pastors
The Swedish Missions Association (Sw.: ’Svenska Missionsförbundet’ or SMF) will continue to receive financial support without restrictions

The dialogue between SMF and the government is now completed.  The result of the dialogue is that SMF will continue to receive financial support from the government.  Krister Andersson, leader of the SMF stated:
"It has been a good conversation, in good spirit, and with respect’" 

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