pre-ref 43  

Ref. 43:
This reference is to a meeting called by the “HomO” (Homo Ombudsman) to lecture those denominations that receive financial support from the government on how they must welcome homosexuals into their ranks.  Translated into your language it reads (in part):

HomO: You are not to deny members

Freedom of religion is limited to the right to gather for service – not to deny anybody full membership in the church.  That was the message yesterday from HomO during the meeting with representative for the denominations.  He wanted an answer to one single question: What actions are the denominations taking to counteract discrimination of homosexuals? 

After an hour and a quarter the much talked about meeting was over.  According to the denominational delegation, the meeting ended in agreement.  There was no protocol and none of the HomoO’s representatives kept a record of the meeting….. 

Demands an answer
As it turned out, HomoO Hans Ytterberg demands an answer to one question: He wants to know if we discriminate, as defined in the law against discrimination and as defined in criminal law….  In his presentation, HomO made it clear that freedom of religion only means the freedom to conduct a service, not to choose your members…..
"I told him that I grew up in an independent denomination and that all such churches work towards good relations between all people", said Marianne Andreas.
Hans Ytterberg stated that it’s now up to the denominations to find a date for a new meeting when they plan to answer the question…

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