pre-ref 44  

Ref. 44:
The day after the lecturing by HomO of our denominational representatives, the government itself got on the case.  This reference is to an announcement by the government that they will investigate those denominations in Sweden that receive financial support from the government (21 in total), to ascertain that they have opened their doors to sodomy, including the acceptance of homosexual priest.  Translated into your language it reads (in part):  

"The denominations will be investigated during the spring"

The government must investigate whether the denominations make enough to counteract the discrimination of homosexuals.  That message was delivered yesterday by the ombudsman for discrimination due to sexual orientation, HomO, to the Minister of Culture Marita Ulvskog.

Already the day after HomO’s meeting with representatives for those denominations that receive financial contributions from the government, as we reported yesterday, the issue landed on the government’s lap.  George Sved, spokesperson for HomO, stated:
"We stated in a meeting with Marita Ulvskog that the government ought to follow up whether the denominations comply with the law to work against all forms of discrimination." 
"And what answer did you get?"
’"That it’s the government’s opinion that the law applies and must be followed."
The legislative history of the law about financial support by the government to the denominations demands that all forms of discrimination must be rejected. HomO contends that there are examples in churches where there have been violations of the law and therefore wants to investigate the position of the denominations with respect to his demand.  The meeting on Tuesday was a step in this investigation. 

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