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Ref. 46:
Two days later, on the very day of Pastor Green’s trial, Pastor Hedin was at it again.  In an article in Dagen, the homo-leaning daily that was started by the Pentecostal movement (and still read by many Christians in our country), Pastor Hedin again refuted what Pastor Green had preached.  Translated into your language it reads (in part):

Was the pastor’s sermon inflammatory?
Today the trial against Åke Green begins 

Åke Green stands accused of incitement after a sermon about homosexuality.  Today he defends himself before the Lower Court (Sw.: Tingsrätten) in Kalmar.  But without the support of his own denomination.  The Pentecostal denomination takes exception to his statements…. 

Sten-Gunnar Hedin - leader of the Filadelfia Church in Stockholm and official spokesperson for Pingst, (an umbrella organization of the Pentecostal churches in our country) states:
"I find it inappropriate to talk like that about a people group and I don’t think he has any basis for his statements.  They are not sanctioned by the Pentecostal Denomination and I personally reject them." 

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