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Ref. 47:
In stark contrast to Pastor Hedin condemnation of Pastor Green’s sermon, the leader of the new charismatic movement The World of Life (Sw.: Livets Ord) Pastor Ulf Ekman, shows his whole-hearted support for Pastor Green.  The Word of Life does not receive any financial support from the Swedish government.  On August 2, 2004 - some 2 to 3 weeks after Hedin’s condemnation of Green’s sermon - , the newspaper The World Today (Sw.: Världen idag) – somewhat associated with The Word of Life – ran the following article (translated in part into your language):

Åke Green received support from 5500 people

Ulf Ekman talked about the lack of love in our country

There is no love in our country. 

That was the starting point in Ulf Ekman’s sermon during the last evening service of the European Conference last Saturday. 

In his sermon he also talked about the guilty verdict against the Pentecostal Pastor Åke Green.  Among other things he said:

"It is painful for the Christianity in Sweden when not a single leader of a denomination has given him their support."

"God’s church in this world shall be a guardian and a light in the darkness.  Self-righteousness and compromise are two ditches that deprive us of the power needed for this task.  If we fall short, then sin comes in", Ulf Ekman continued, and then he started to talk about the guilty verdict against Åke Green and the questions about a homosexual lifestyle. 
"God bless Åke Green", Ulf Ekman said, and there was a spontaneous applause as the congregation rose to their feet.

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