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Ref. 50:
This reference is to page 14 of the Aug.-Oct. 2006 issue of Gyro.  It has an article titled "Bög-Stefan" and a picture of Stefan on the opposite page.  He is a very young looking boy at a tender age of 18.  For discretionary considerations I choose not to show his picture. 

(Note: The expression “Bög-Stefan” used to be translated “Fag-Stefan” but over the last couple of decades the gays in Sweden have started to use the label “bög” about themselves and it’s therefore no longer a derogatory term in Sweden). 

Translated into your language the article reads (in part):  

Stefan, 18 years if age, came out as a homosexual at the same time as he joined the church.  For him God has been an honest support. 
"My favorite quote from the Bible is but the greatest of these is love’", he says.

The bus puffed and stopped at a buss stop outside Malmö.  Stefan Hansen turned cold inside.  One of his old tormentors from high school, the one who had shouted "bög" after Stefan for four years, got on the bus.  Sat down on a small seat just behind him. 
He was just the same as he was in High School.  I determined to forgive him", says Stefan. 

We lie on our stomachs among white daisies in a summer-green park in Malmö.  We talk about life and love, the feeling that can be so heavy for many – but maybe most for the person who struggles with what gender to fall in love with. 

For 18-year old Stefan it was a time filled with agony when he discovered that he liked guys.  The thoughts were spinning in his head for many years.  In eighth grade he came out as homosexual for his class-mates. 
I thought it was tough to not be able to choose my own orientation and thought a lot about not being able to live a normal life in a core family with a possibility of having children.  I felt quite lonely when I came out….."

Stefan then continues to talk about the comfort he got in church and the affirmation he received there.  One cannot help but to cry when one realizes that there was nobody there to help Stefan at the tender age when he needed help the most to affirm his masculine identity.  Instead of being accepted he was rejected by the other boys.  It’s also so tragic that experiences such as that of Stefan, is constantly used by our enemy to convince people about the wrong and evil solution.  Instead of giving Stefan counseling and help with his identity, a church instead affirms him in an unhealthy lifestyle, sending him on his way to very likely major problems in the future. 

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