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Ref. 54:

Was Jesus a homosexual man who approved of pedophilia?

This reference demonstrates the common connection between homosexuality and pedophilia when Priest Niklas Olaison – one of the many homosexual priests in the Swedish Church – has determined through his “research” that Jesus probably was a homosexual man who approved of pedophilia. The reference is from the premiere issue of a new publication called “Stockholmslife” (Sw. “Stockholmsliv”) issued by the Stockholm diocese of the Swedish Church. The article, an interview of Priest Nilas Olaison, states in part (in what follows Niclas Olaison’s statements are in quotes; questions asked without quote):

“The Bible is actually an extremely queer book. It’s saturated with the most weird kind of sexuality”.
Niklas has agreed to meet with me to talk about the church and the queer questions on the very first day on the new job as priest in the “domkyrkan” (explanation: The Swedish “domkyrka” is an especially esteemed congregation within the Swedish Church).
Olaison speaking: “It’s nice for people who don’t fit into the usual norms to have their eyes opened about how much homosexuality there is in the Bible and that most of the time it’s not at all condemned”.
Starting this fall his activities will expand and the church in Hogalid will pay for Niklas’ work in leading the queer bible studies. A new beginners’ group will be started and the group from last year will continue on a more advanced level. Niklas’ hope is that members from the latter group will start writing.
“I want to put together an anthology. It could for example be poems from fantasies around bible verses and personal experiences. A sort of Christian fan fiction with common erotic overtones.”
Niklas himself is writing a book with the working title “The History of the Whores”. It’s about the fact that the women in history who have really accomplished something have often been called whores.
On the subject of why Niklas and his bible studying colleagues come across so much about homosexuality he comments:
“Oh, there is no limit on how much there actually is” says Niklas as he refers to the eight chapter in the Gospel of Matthews. The passage talks about how a centurion, a roman officer comes to Jesus asking him to heal his servant.
“Since I have studied the history of Roman culture, I know that there was an extensive luxury prostitution where men had sex with boys. The officer wanted to save his slave boy, with whom he probably had a sexual relation. For the contemporary readers of the gospel of Matthew, such a relationship was apparent. So, when Jesus heals the boy he implicitly affirms the relationship between the man and the boy.”
Niklas’ interpretation of the passage is that Jesus and the Bible therefore says yes to homosexuality. Many other Bible scholars believe the same according to Niklas……
There is a very widespread queer-liberal representation in the Swedish Church, especially in Stockholm, according to Niklas.
“Among the priests in Stockholm, there is also an overrepresentation of homosexuals, even in high positions”.
Is it possible to imagine Jesus as a homosexual?
“Yes, Jesus and the young disciple John (Sw.: “Johannes”) may have had a sexual relation, it’s quite possible to draw that conclusion from the Bible. Among other things the Bible states that John was laying closest to Jesus. And John did not hesitate to describe Jesus in a homoerotic way.”
During ten years Niklas has researched, obtained advanced degree and lectured in history of philosophy at the University of Stockholm. During his research Niklas became interested in the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes.
“I am not in any way unique. There are a lot of priests who believe the same as I do. My background as a researcher has helped me to look at the Bible from other perspectives”.
(end of quotes from the article

This first issue of this new publication “Stockholmsliv” has the theme “Courage”. The cover shows pictures of four different life situations that they suggest are expressions of courage. Starting from the top on the left the four examples of courage are:
1. First of all it shows (you guessed it) two men in an erotic embrace with the subtitle “Courage to be who you are”.
2. A little boy facing the water in a swimming pool contemplating if he would dare to jump in.
3. A little girl placing flower on the gravesite of a loved one with the subtitle “Courage to face difficult times”
4. A political activist facing a tank with the subtitle “Courage to express an opinion”

It’s hard to envision that it takes courage in Stockholm today for two men to display erotic intimacy. One only needs to take a look at the annual gay day parade in Stockholm (the Mecca of Europe’s homosexuals) to realize how popular it is for men to express sexual attractions to other men.

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