Some Background Information For non-Swedish Readers:

Note: If you are from another country than Sweden, this is written in the hope that your country will be spared the onslaught of homosexuality that has afflicted our country. It illustrates what happened when the gates were opened for a flood of gender confusion.

I first started this website in 2006 to inform my largely uninformed countrymen here in Sweden (the original Swedish version of this website is Since our beloved country, by and large, has been sold on the falsehood and lies disseminated by the Swedish gay lobby (RFSL), I felt a deep obligation to share with my fellow Swedes what my research had revealed.  Now many months later, this website (with examples from Swedish culture, society and morality) has been translated into your language by popular demand. 

The sole purpose of my website is to inform all parents and grandparents on how to prevent a homosexual outcome in their offspring once they reach puberty.  If you have already chosen the homosexual orientation, this website is not for you.  Please exit the website so that its contents may not upset you. 

The purpose was never to elicit the wrath of the homosexual community here in Sweden, although I realize in retrospect why it has become an unintended consequence as I expose what the homosexual lifestyle is all about.  However, all parents – especially fathers - need to understand what’s at stake.  That they may do what they can, to prevent a homosexual outcome in their little ones.  And they have the right to know.  This website exposes the three most commonly propagated myths about homosexuality.

Therefore, the examples shown are mainly from our own country.  If you are unaware of how pervasive and celebrated the sodomistic lifestyle has become in Sweden, the examples may shock you.  As you shall see, Sweden is far ahead of the rest of the world in embracing and welcoming the onslaught of homosexuality. One recent example was the trial of Pastor Ake Green – a pastor from Borgholm – for preaching what the Bible has to say about homosexuality and other sexual promiscuity and perversions.  You see, Sweden is the only country in the whole world where you are not allowed to say anything – no matter what your religious convictions may be – that expresses “disrespect” (Sw. “missaktning”) for homosexual people.  All civilized countries have of course laws that prohibit incitement of violence against any group of individuals.  But our country alone has gone as far as to outlaw any statements that is perceived as “disrespect” for homosexual people.  Thus Pastor Green was sentenced in Lower Court in Kalmar (Sw. “Kalmars Tingsrätt) to serve time in jail.  The law was meant to cover other groups as well (e.g. ethnic groups and religious groups).  But in reality it’s being enforced mainly for the benefit of the homosexual agenda.  For example, our country is today swept by a new wave of anti-Semitism (see below) as well as widespread disrespect for evangelical Christians, without any protection of these groups. But in reality it’s being enforced mainly for the benefit of the homosexual community.  For example, there is today a widespread disrespect of Christians and disrespect of Jews (mainly from the Swedish mosques).  None of this is followed up under the new law.

Prior to enacting the new law, Prime Minister at the time, Göran Persson, made it clear on November 8, 2002 that under the new law pastors would no longer be allowed to declare from the pulpit or otherwise express that homosexuality is unnatural (Swedish: “onaturligt”). (ref.27). Notwithstanding that the Bible so declares. 

This seems to have been of no concern to the “Pentecostal Denomination” when they invited the Prime Minister as a guest speaker (ref28) to their annual conference in the Filadelfia Church, Stockholm.  There he appeared in the pulpit a month later (December 4, 2002).  It sounds surreal but you heard it right!  The Prime Minister - who just a month earlier had stated that pastors (under the pending law) would no longer be permitted to preach that homosexuality was unnatural and who was subsequently instrumental in passing the law - got a warm welcome at the annual conference of the Pentecostal Denomination.  Maybe the fact that the Prime Minister (Persson) and the leader of Filadelfia Church in Stockholm (Hedin) are close friends, had something to do with it. 

The Case of Pastor Åke Green
So with the new law - understood to prohibit statements that homosexuality is unnatural - it therefore came as no surprise when Pastor Green was convicted and sentenced to prison for his sermon (on July 20, 2003) about what the Bible has to say about sexual deviancies.  His sermon was considered disrespectful by the homo lobby.  On appeal Pastor Green’s case went all the way to our Supreme Court.  There, the Court ruled that it was true that Green had violated the Swedish law and deserved the sentence.  And it’s no secret that they would have loved to sentence him to serve time.  Especially since the Supreme Court in our land has a strong bias favoring homosexuality with one of its members even soliciting and paying for homosexual services in Stockholm (Nr. 1) and the Chief Justice even defending such behavior.  However, at the same time the Court realized that in other countries in Europe the dual doctrines of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion trump excessive protection of homosexuals from being “disrespected”.  Knowing full well that Pastor Green – if convicted – would appeal his case to the European Court (the highest legal instance for EU members) they did not dare to convict him since they knew full well that Green would be acquitted in the European Court.  This situation was clearly stated in their he adjudication of the case. (ref. 29)

In commenting on the decision, the chairman (Johan Munck) stated that the Swedish Supreme Court had opted to consider earlier verdicts in the Court of the European Union in Strasbourg, France.  He said "if Åke Green had been convicted for incitement due to his sermon, then in all probability Sweden would have been rebuked in the European Court".  Mr. Munck further stated in an interview with the Swedish Radio/TV that it is not possible to apply the law (i.e. criminalizing ‘disrespect’) "as it was intended" and thereby disapproves of the way the law was written and the lawmakers' (Parliament's) intent.  The Swedish law is not in keeping with international precedents (jurisprudence).  In their written adjudication of the case, the Supreme Court in a public notice to media put it this way: "Considering the circumstances at hand, the Supreme Court finds that it's likely that the European Court - if it were to adjudicate the case - would find it to be a violation of the European Conventions if Åke Green were convicted due to the statements in his sermon".

And as the Court concluded in their full write-up of the case: “Under such circumstances it is probable that the European Court of Human Rights, when examining the limitation on ÅG’s right to preach his ideas based on the Bible which a verdict of guilty would constitute, would find that the limitation is not proportionate and thereby would constitute a violation of the European Convention……… With reference to what has been stated, the charge against ÅG shall be dismissed.”
Case closed.)

In other words: In countries other than Sweden, homosexuals do not enjoy special rights.  For a full discussion of all the trials and a legal analysis of the case of Ake Green click here.  This adjudication by our Supreme Court is evidence that we are unique in the world in that only in Sweden does the furthering of the homosexual agenda trump freedom of expression and freedom of religion.  The law is still in effect and a powerful weapon to stifle pastors who do not want to go through the legal trauma that Pastor Green had to suffer.
Part of the story is that the person who originally brought the charges against Pastor Green, now stands accused of serious embezzlement and may have to go to prison himself. 

The Role of RFSL
In our country today, the homosexual lobby (some call it the homosexual mafia) runs roughshod over the population through their main organization RFSL.  The leader for the organization, Mr. Sören Andersson, expressed his opinion about my website in an interview for a newspaper (Dagen) by stating “I can’t understand how a person can be so full of hate”.  But Mr. Andersson has to understand that parents do have the right to know – should they so desire - how they can steer their children away from a homosexual outcome when they reach puberty.  Mr. Andersson and his organization cannot prevent that right of parents. Not even in Sweden today. At least not yet.

One glaring example of RFSL’s privileges in our society today  is how they are given generous financial support by our government for their activities, including a website that extols typical homosexual behavior including information on how to use illicit drugs and an “Anal Manual” on how to engage in – from a public health point of view – very high risk behavior.  The pages are no doubt repulsive to most people.

However, try to picture a youngster with gender identity problems who is subjected to the RFSL propaganda as part of his school program.  He then comes home and goes to the RFSL website and finds this material – paid with taxpayers’ money - that is (although repulsive to most people) very pornographic to a young boy already confused about his sexual identity.  And there is no question about it: the vulnerable fatherless boys are the ones who are most at risk for this sordid propaganda.  How evil can a person and organization become?  And why do we as citizens put up with what’s happening in our country?  

The Reluctance By Most Swedes To Stand Up Against Evil
You cannot but ask yourself: “how it could have come to this?”.  Someone once said that evil men will prevail simply by good men doing nothing.  In his book “In Defense of Marriage” (Swedish: “Försvara Äktenskapet”) Olof Djurfeldt discusses the slide of our country into the cesspool of immorality.  In one chapter titled “Feelings Must Not Replace Arguments” (page 117) Djurfeldt interviews Stefan Gustavsson, Secretary General of Swedish Evangelical Alliance (Sw.: Svenska Evangeliska Alliansen).  Gustavsson is asked the question: “Are you saying that today we have a hard time telling someone: ‘I like you as a person but not what you are engage in.‘ ”Gustavsson answers from his Christian perspective: “Yes, we find it increasingly harder to provoke one another by saying: ’I believe that your actions are wrong’. We Swedes may have an especially difficult time saying this because we love to seek common ground.  We often experience criticism as a complete judgment of the person.  But we must be able to accept each other as people, and – using a Biblical reference - everybody’s value as created in God’s image, and at the same time be clear about what is a good and healthy lifestyle.”  

That’s exactly it.  We Swedes are so afraid to stand up for what we believe in and are so anxious to appease everybody.  There is a famous saying (proverb) in Swedish: "Bättre fly än illa fäkta" (tr. It's better to flee ["fly"] than to put up a fight ["fäkta"]) that represents this trait in our inborn character.  In a famous poem by the Finnish, Swedish speaking, poet J. L. Runeberg, a mother instructs her son (Munther) who is about to join the army to "bättre fly än illa fäkta".  And it's this trait in our national soul that has enabled the tsunami of sodomy that has swept our beautiful country over the last few decades and established the homomafia as a powerful force in our society.  There is a "Heritage Fund" ("Arvsfonden") from which the main champion of the homolobby (RFSL) is generously financed. 

[This national character of our soul has played an important role in our country’s history.  For example, it was the reason why Sweden in 1941 - when asked by Nazi Germany to assist them in their occupation of Norway – readily obliged (see ref. 30; “Why did Germany not Invade Sweden in World War 2?”) and why we “Arian” nation continued to supply Hitler’s army with the sought after hard steel from our mines in Gällivare in northern Sweden via port in Narvik, Norway.  All of this while the rest of Europe was bleeding under Hitler’s iron fist.

But later on in the war, after it became apparent that Hitler would be defeated, we changed position and allowed air pilots from the Allied Forces to do emergency landings in southern Sweden on their way back to England after bombing raids over Germany. Another reason for our alignment with Germany in the occupation of Norway may have been because so many of the officers in our armed forces were actually anti-Semitic. Then after the war, the school children were taught (I was one of them) that it was our “doctrine of neutrality” that saved us from the ravages of war. What neutrality?

On a side note: Anti-Semitism is today appearing in the Swedish mosques. The remaining Jews in Sweden today don’t seem to be afforded the same protection against “disrespect” as the homosexuals are. Even the government seems to becoming more anti-Israel and pro-Muslim. As examples, the government in April 2006 abruptly cancelled joint Air Force exercises in Italy (ref. 31) with other countries, upon learning that Israel would be one of the participants. And in the same month the leaders of the Hamas terror organization was invited to our country. (ref. 32) Not by the government per se but by anti-Israeli groups in Sweden. We may be witnessing a jockeying for position among the Muslims in anticipation of the day when Sweden will become a country with a Muslim majority.]

But, as is often the case, there are always some people and groups in our land who dare to stand up against the overall trend of embracing homosexuality in our society. One example mentioned above was the case of Pastor Ake Green. Another example is the Jerusalem Evangelical Church. This congregation consists of immigrants to our country from mainly Ethiopia. On their website they have a “Manifestation for freedom of speech and for support of Pastor Åke Green”. They also participated in great numbers in a demonstration march in support for Pastor Green in connection with his appeal to the Appellate Court.  

The Swedish Homomafia and Examples of Their Methods of Operation
Another courageous Swede dared to create a website that exposed the homosexual lifestyle. Similar to the website you are now reading. However, the domain owner had to shut down the site after he, as well as his business associates and clients, were harassed by the homolobby. In traditional mafia style, through intimidation by the homomafia, his clients no longer wanted to (or, shall we say, dared to) do business with him. Is it then any wonder if our career men and women, of some standing and status in the professional and business fields, are afraid to express their opinions? In an article in The World Today (Sw.: “Världen idag”) on May 29, 2006 it reads (in part):

”A phone conversation that was received in his home at 1AM has been reported to the police. ‘we know who you are. You and your family will get problems…..your customers will be told who you are….
We know who you are….. everybody will hate you… will suffer when you will be exposed’ the person stated according to the police report.
‘The police closed the case from lack of leads’, he sighed.

The man could hardly believe his eyes when one day he discovered an unknown car in front of the family’s house. Through the open window, a cell phone was directed straight at his house. ‘I understood that he was taking pictures of the house and I rushed out and managed to read the license number on the car, a blue Toyota. I contacted the car registration inventory and learned that the car belonged to the wife of a well-known homo activist and previous kd politician, he says.

The pictures of his house plus the street sign soon appeared on the man’s home page on the internet. The same pictures soon appeared on a home page for a man who is a TT-journalist. [TT is the name of a branch of the Swedish radio. On his website they had posted detailed information about the location, name of the man and his wife, plus a link to a photo of him.

‘I wondered if someone would sit in the bushes outside my house waiting for my children when they took off for school or stake me out whatever I did. This is harassment and full persecution’, he says, especially upset by the activities by the TT-journalist. ‘It’s extremely serious when a reporter, supposed to be trustworthy, spends his spare time to harass me and my family’.

The business man contends that the non-critical attitude by mass media towards the homo agenda is a reason why this could happen. ‘They always get the red-carpet treatment and never get any criticism in mass media. Those who have harassed me know that they can do like this with impunity’. Among those who got in touch with the businessman was a priest who stated: ’this was not good for his business’.

The home page that had published important facts about the homosexual lifestyle, has been closed since last fall. The people behind the hate campaign got what they wanted.”

So, with this as an example, it’s easy to see why we Swedes, by and large, are fearful of resisting the evil forces of homosexuality. Notwithstanding the fact that it ruins a healthy and natural lifestyle for so many of our children and young people. Who among us is willing to risk his business, professional career and standing in society? Not to mention the physical safety of one’s wife and children. It’s so much easier to just ignore the issue. Even by pastors, who all too often seek popularity with as many people as possible.

By comparison to the businessman described above, who lost a successful business, the wrath I myself have endured has been relatively minor even though I and my family also receive threats to our lives from time to time. During our tour of Sweden in 2006, when we introduced this website, we were harassed by the homomafia several times and had to wear bulletproof jackets. Even so we had to cancel several events. You can read about it in the link titled “Homomafia” on the top horizontal menu bar. With respect to these attacks and continuing threats, I received an interesting e-mail from a concerned man. It reads (sender’s name omitted):

(???? Writes):
“I happed to come upon your website via afa. I have had certain positive feelings for afa since they oppose neo-Nazis. But they seem to use violence for other things as well. I’m ashamed when I read what they have done against you. And a thought: Why don’t they crash the windows of our mosques? The Muslims are not very friendly either… the death sentence in countries in the Muslim world. I’ll now read more on your website. Maybe I can contribute something. I’ll get back to you. Kind regards,
Signed ???”

To this visitor I want to reply: The afa and many similar non-parliamentary groups (all over the world) have renounced democratic principles. They only play by their own rules. They are boys and men who yearn to wield power without having any leadership abilities and often without much brains. So, they fantasize about being in power of authority by terrorizing other people. They may go under names like neo-Nazis, afa etc. but they are all the same kind of people. I might add that the chairperson for RFSL, Sören Andersson, said about myself in a statement in Dagen (a daily paper) that "it's terrible that a person carries so much hate within himself". But he also stated that RFSL distances itself from the attacks against us (which may seem commendable) although he could "understand the actions"; a statement that obviously weakens his rejection of violence and may serve to justify people like afa in their acts of terror. In order to preserve our fragile democracy and root out the homomafia it's important that people in leadership on all sides take a firm stand against incitement, violence and intimidation. Of course, no organization can influence the actions of all their members at all times. But some events can be influenced. For example it's reasonable to assume that RFSL has some influence over the Pride Festival in Stockholm. How can it then be that they allowed an event extravaganza at the pride festival where visitors threw darts at photos of the "homophobes" Ulf Ekman, Alf Svensson and the Pope? If that's not incitement then what in the world is? The Pope has of course constant physical protection but how must the other gentlemen have felt?

One more comment about the reaction by the homolobby to this website.  I believe much of it has to do with what should be considered “typical” or “average” in the homosexual community.  Take for example the widespread practice of anal intercourse among men.  It’s “only” about 2/3 of all homosexual men who practice it.  But it’s still a majority and therefore a reason why RFSL has an “Anal Manual” as a center piece of their website.  The website explains not only how to best engage in anal intercourse but also several other practices such as “rimming” and “fisting”.Now, among the approximately 1/3 homosexual men who don’t yet practice anal intercourse – some of whom may even find it repulsive – there is, understandably, a resentment over the fact that other people may mistakenly assume that they also engage in such behavior.  However, in the presentation on this website, it would be grossly unfair to parents if we did not describe the practices that the majority of homosexual men engage in.  It’s my belief that if parents really understand the high risk behavior of homosexuals, they are far more likely to help their sons develop their masculinity. A similar situation, and to an ever greater extent, exist on the issue of pedophilia among homosexual men.  There is overwhelming evidence that a homosexual man is far more likely to become a pedophile than is a heterosexual man.  But the average homosexual man is not a pedophile.  Not by a long shot.  And many of them are probably abhorred by pedophilia.  So for them to be part of a group (homosexual men) that has a higher “risk factor” for pedophilia is (quite understandably) resented by them.  Nevertheless it’s an issue that must be addressed for the same reason.  To cover it up and not talk about it would be of great disservice to parents.